Black magic 1975 film

Where all relationships are controlled with black magic. Black magic is one of the best of hos career during his later years, but much closer in spirit to the weirdness of the equally plotless the oily maniac 1976 than any of his films pre1975. Produced by the legendary chopsocky maestros sir run run shaw and tan sri runme shaw better known as the shaw brothers, the martial arts horror crosspollinate black magic 1975 grabs the. The movie is really just a collection of nifty set pieces involving black magic.

Ti lung gets to flex his dramatic muscle in this horror movie about evil magic spells. Black magic is a 1975 hong kong horror film directed by ho meng hua and starring ti lung, lo lieh, tanny tien, lily li and ku feng. Black magic 1975 asianfilmfans asian film database. Complications arise when he decides that he wants a customers bride for himself.

In 1975, ho meng huas black magic cast its spell over chinese audiences and summoned up a subgenre that produced some of the most extreme, esoteric and stomachchurning horror films of. A magician makes money by charging people to cast love spells on the objects of their affection. Starring ti lung, lo lieh, lily li lili, ku feng, tanny tien ni, goo manchung, lee saukei, yueh hua, chen ping. Kicking off with a memorable prologue and the creepiest sequence in the film its clear that the movie is going to include all of the expected exploitation elements. Black magic jiang tou, made in 1975, was like many of mengs films made for the legendary shaw brothers, and their imprint is evident in black. Black magic 1975 by spookyflix admin july 8, 2019 4. An evil magician makes a living by casting deadly spells on peoples objects of desire. Those who did not believe in the voodoo curse never lived to tell.

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