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David cox investigates the curious history behind one of the more. Currently, we are building the largest digital library of film and television inquiry and related. Theres the sense that a great talent has been wasted. Shutter islands ending explained david cox film the. In an interview with ew, producers jan harlan and diane johnson explain the steps that were taken in making the film.

The final shot of the shining, its ambiguity forever helping stanley kubricks most popular film carry on its enduring legacy for nearly thirty years. The shining is a tragedy, and wed be remiss to classify the ending otherwise. Kings book came to an end with a clash between danny and his father. At the end of the shining, why is jack in the photo of. Doctor sleep recreates part of the shining books ending, not the. Were considering expanding this synopsis into a fulllength study guide to deepen your comprehension of. Masseys rotting corpse in the shining is unsettling whether youre reading the book, watching kubricks film, or checking out kings miniseries where. The book, the shining, is a literary masterpiece written by stephen king. The shining s 1980 hedge maze chase is one of the most iconic endings in horror history. Leonardo dicaprios previous film, martin scorseses shutter island, confused just as many cinemagoers. The shining novel, however, has a very different ending, and one that even made way for a sequel. How pennywise may hold the truth behind the overlook hotel. Stanley kubricks the shining has one hell of an ending. As the film develops, it becomes more mysterious, ambiguous, threatening, and hallucinatory.

That is pretty much where the similarities end, in that respect. The shining is a gothic horror novel by stephen king, first published in 1977. Doctor sleep comes to an end by referring back to the shining and bringing the story of danny torrance to an end. In dannys case, the future is perhaps even more murky. The true story behind the legendary lost ending of the. The shining begins with jack torrance being interviewed for the caretakers job at the overlook hotel. Doctor sleep recreates part of the shining books ending, not the films. The shining crew reveal why stanley kubrick didnt blow. Recently, the producer and screenwriter of stanley kubricks the shining still deemed the best horror movie ever, by some opened up about the process of. In the final shots of stanley kubricks the shining, the audience sees the corpse of jack torrance jack nicholson frozen to death in the hedge maze where he tried to kill his wife wendy. The shining is the story of jack torrance, who is employed as the caretaker of the gargantuan overlook hotel in colorado one winter. Stephen kings the shining is a classic piece of literature and stanley kubricks cinematic version shares the same cult status.

Heres what fans need to know about the ending of the movie and whether it has a. How does the ending of the shining differ from stephen kings. One of the many mysteries of stanley kubricks the shining is why jack appears in the photo at the end, and it actually has a semisimple explanation. At the end of the film, jack and the overlook freeze. The doctor sleep ending bridges the gap between stephen kings book the shining and stanley kubricks movie, which king famously hated. Flanagans doctor sleep draws heavily on elements in the book version of the shining that kubrick didnt use, restaging some unused scenes from the original novel with the characters from king. Producers reveal why stephen kings book ending was changed for the film adaptation. The shining is a horror cinema masterpiece, and figuring out its haunting and iconic ending was no easy task for stanley kubrick.

The most debated element of the shining s ending is the revelation in the final shot that jack is present in a photo of the overlooks fourth of july party in 1921. The shining, one of the stephen king s bestselling novels and the film that has had a huge impact in pop culture, finally has the ending explained. The hotel will soon close for the winter, but cant be left unattended. Though she may not always seem it at first glance because she spends much. How does the ending of the shining differ from stephen. This summary of the shining includes a complete plot overview spoilers included. In the novel, jack manages to fight the hotels possession long enough for him to tell danny to run for his life. For the first time, the shinings producer and cowriter explain in detail why the horror. The tension felt when jack jack nicholson chases danny danny lloyd through the hotel grounds is incredible. The shining is a horror novel by american author stephen king.

For the first time, the shinings producer and cowriter explain in detail why the horror tales ending changed from stephen kings novel and how it evolved again and again during the filming. The shining has an alternate ending you will never see. Below, executive producer jan harlan and screenwriter diane johnson who wrote the script with kubrick explain in greater detail than ever before how the legendary director considered several very different. Edgar wright weighs in on shaun of the dead coronavirus memes. In kings novel, the overlooks boiler explodes at the end of the story because jack failed to maintain it, which means the hotel is destroyed with. The shining crew reveal why stanley kubrick didnt blow up overlook hotel, chose second fatality for film adaptation. The shining is one of the all time classic horror movies, buts its also a pretty great book too.

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