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Wangs treatise, the lost book of kushanku was taken to okinawa and served as the first karate syllabus. It is intended to act as a model methodology of how these kata should be performed not only in normal class activity but more importantly in both kyu and dan gradings. Pdf karate kata pdf karate kata pdf karate kata download. Kata kushanku yoi karatedo way of the empty hand block block step up gedan barrai gyakuzuki prepare soto uke gyakuzuki prepare soto uke step across soto uke maegeri page 1. Other forms of kushanku are kushanku sho, kushanku shiho, and chibana no kushanku. We shall always keep the fighting spirit of karatedo. Introduction kusanku also known as kushanku, kosokun or kwang shang fu kwang shang fu, was the name of a chinese martial arts expert, a master of the northern shaolinquanfa, coming in 1756 as a. Ekw kushanku and naihanchi kata page 7 the kushanku kata. Execute simultaneous right back fist strike and right straight forward kick. It seems to me that the opening movements of kushanku kata deals with the opening stages of the actual fight. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page. Download file pdf the kata and bunkai of gojuryu karate advanced search lets you narrow the results by language and file extension e.

How to search for a word or phrase in a pdf document wikihow. Kushanku name is the name of chinese envoy named kushanku who showed fighting techniques to royal guards. Not only was tensho one of mas oyamas favorite kata, he considered it to be the most indispensable of the advanced kata in seigokan gojuryu the kata is known as kihon tsuki no kata and is one of two katas created by the founder. To change the order of your pdfs, drag and drop the files as you want. Kushanku kata also known as kankudai and kosokun is one of the most popular forms in modern karate. Introduction kusanku also known as kushanku, kosokun or kwang shang fu kwang shang fu, was the name of a chinese martial arts expert, a master of the northern shaolinquanfa, coming in 1756 as a ambassador of the chinese ming. Takahara was a student of chatan yara, and takaharas most famous student was tode sakugawa. Kushanku kusanku kusanku kusanku kusanku kushanku kushanku. It is characterized by the use of flowing techniques that resemble those found in white crane kung fu. Rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order. Explanation of kata names as used in shitoryu kofukan shiho sanshiki four directions, three sets shi 4, hodirection, san3, shikisetsystem.

It was named after a chinese official named kushanku who supposedly taught it to tode sakugawa in shuri, okinawa in 1762. Download the quran with indonesian translation pdf click here to download note. Kushanku dai and sho from itosu, chibana kushanku chibana choshin, 18851969 and chatan yara kushanku from the tomari te lineage. Kanku dai, also called kushanku and kusanku in wadoryu or kosokun in shitoryu, is an advanced shotokan kata that is number twelve in the shotokan syllabus.

Want to see how the old masters performed the katas. All 30 quran paraschaptersjuz are in audio mp3 format. Explanation of kata names as used in shitoryu kofukan. Indeed the active study of the kata as opposed to just practising them is something that all karateka should engage in. Shotokan karate kata diagrams pdf kyodo, kiai 1, kiai 2, classification, criteria for judging a kata event are as follow. When hands touch, stand straight with open kamae left hand comes over right in vertical shuto blocking motion 2. After the second world war, only 9 kata remained up to chinto but in the chojinkai association we still practice the 15 katas registered in 1945. The most unsuccessful katas are gankaku and kata chatanyara kushanku, and unsu. In his book, where the nine kata of wado are demonstrated and explained, sukui uke from kushanku is the 54th movement. Shotokan kata shitei kata chosen by the examining committee on gradings. Hanshi morinobu maeshiro 10th dan shorinryu is performing the kata kusanku dai. Kusanku learned the art of chuan fa in china from a shaolin monk.

International hayashiha shitoryu karatedo federation performed by sensei junko arai. Kusanku kata bunkai bunkai description kata description reach with both hands, double over from kick. Kushanku of the wado kai system is actually called kushanku dia diabig. Although you can discuss the amount of movements in kushanku, it seems easier and perhaps also more appropriate to use the numbers as ohtsuka sensei did. Kushanku is one of the longest, and physically most demanding kata of the art of karate. The kata is a record of the combative techniques and concepts formulated by a chinese martial artist who went by the name of kushanku. He is credited as having an influence on virtually all karatederived martial arts. Other nice kata that are out there for shotokaners to find and add to their toolbox include suparinpei, seipai, seisan, seiunchin, tensin, tensho, rohai, ananku, shiho kushanku, shiho kushanku sho, three or four more versions of bassai, another version of wankan, and many, many others. Wait for the conversion process to finish and download files either one by one, using thumbnails, or. Nvidia geforce go 6100 service desk personnel can update the status of the incident to 8220 closed 8221. Most of the basic techniques in kushanku kata have already been taught in the five pinan katas.

It is followed by kanku sho, the minor version of the two kanku katas. In matsubayashiryu karate, the kata is known for its flying kick and its cheating stance, which robs the opponent of opportunities to attack by extending one leg along the. Version that we do is the oldest and is known as chatan yara kushanku. But the evidence that kushanku was wang zong yue is not purely based on wang having taught the man who created the kata kushanku, this is evident in the name of wangs evergreen classic of tai chi, kung hsin chieh. It is a physically demanding and visually impressive form when performed correctly and it has a great deal to offer the practically minded karateka. The kokusai butokukai preserves and teaches four different versions.

It is simply a case of analysing the kata from the correct perspective and in the correct way. It seems to me that the opening movements of kushanku kata deals with the opening stages of. Kushanku and channan therefore kanku dai, kanku sho and the heian katas and the various tai chi styles yang, chen, wu, sun were derived from the chang quan and bazi quan systems and the writings of wang zong yue and general qi. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well. Originally wadoryu had 16 kata, but in 1945 the kata suparimpei was dropped from the syllabus. Chatanyara kushanku videos international hayashiha.

Kushanku is the longest kata in wado the digi dojo. Kata kushanku shuto uke shuto uke shuto uke spear hand turn block maegeri turn block strike across. The principles for understanding kata were largely unknown. Merge pdf files combine pdfs in the order you want with the easiest pdf merger available.

Kusanku kata kata description rei bow set bend forward at the waist, hands start in regular set then come up and around making a circle 1. In the previous kata studies, i looked at the five heianpinan kata which were standardised in around 1905 by master itosu to act as introductory forms for new students. In many styles, such as shotokanthere are two versions of the kata. It is a physically demanding and visually impressive form when performed correctly and it is one of the most popular kata in modern competition. Instantly convert html files to pdf format with this free online converter. This selection contains kushanku from the full version of katas volume 2. He saw kata practice as an efficient way to understand and improve fighting techniques. Before the introduction of these forms, the first form students in shuri and tomari typically learnt was naihanchi, which most styles now call tekki. The kata and bunkai of the kata and bunkai of gojuryu karate and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. Tode sakugawa studied under kushanku for a number of years and he eventually formulated kushanku kata as a means to record the combative methods kushanku had taught him. This kata is one of the oldest that can be traced in the records, and it has more similarity to the northern shaolin chinese system than other karate katas. Kushanku was not okinawan, but he was very significant to the development of. Ebook martial arts 27 katas shotokan karate pdf download ebook martial arts 27 katas shotokan karate pdf exe from the root folder of the quicktest professional installation cd and choose run as administrator. The england karatedo wadokai is proud to present the associations official guide to the seishan and chinto kata.

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